Highlights / 17.01.2018

CLS-Engineering is now ARNON Solutions

CLS-Engineering has changed its name 17th of January 2018. New name is ARNON Solutions Oy. Aim for the change is to harmonise the group structure and its brand, and also boost our global growth.

Highlights, Product News, Uncategorized / 05.01.2018

UL891 solutions now from ARNON!

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has admited UL891 certification for ARNON. It enables engineering, manufacturing and selling of Dead-Front Switchboards -products to North America and Canada. ARNON is the first manufacturer in Finland to get UL891 certification.

Pro at work / 05.01.2018

Pro ar work: Kirsi Hyötyläinen

Assembler, Tampere. Kirsi has been working at Arnon for a good 12 years. She has had several different assembly-related tasks along the years. “At the moment I’m assembling the Outotec distribution centers, and I’m really enjoying that. New challenges are also always welcome as I like variation at work.”

Financial News / 28.08.2017

ARNON groups turnover at the same level as previous comparable period

ARNON group reporting switch to calendar year and current financial period has been extended to 18 months and it end on 31st of December 2017. At the closed 12 months period 7/16 – 6/17, groups turnover was 37M€ and nearly the same level as last financial period.

Pro at work / 07.08.2017

Pro at work: Paula Hiipakka

Vaasa, Operations Manager. Paula Hiipakka has been working for the company almost for a year and is the only female employee at the Vaasa office. On a daily basis, she takes care of the established customer relationships and order-to-delivery processes in Vaasa. Her name is well known in the customer interface, furthermore she manages the purchases, subcontracting, transportations, quality, and many other areas related to production economics.

Directors Corner / 12.04.2017

Digitalization – what’s all the buzz?

The term digitalization is now everywhere – the news, the business, even the politicians talk about it and seem to ride the hype. What’s it all about in practice? What’s new for automation professionals – we’ve been doing this for decades! What’s new, and what is now changing?

Financial News / 01.03.2017

Tampereen Keskustekniikka is now Arnon

Tampereen Keskustekniikka -group will change its name 1st of March 2017 and its subsidiary United Project Group Oy will merge into the mother company 31st of March 2017.

Directors Corner / 28.02.2017

Automation and marketing

Hello World! My name is Mikko Mäkinen and I started recently as Sales director at Keskusteknikka.

Pro at work / 27.02.2017

Pro at work: Verneri Hanhilahti

You can hear him say “Moro!” to someone when walking in the head office in Tampere. This project leader is a good example of a multiple technical knowledge and a great personality.