OVO Switchgear Solutions

For all under 1000V constructions

OVO Solutions range from small junction boxes to heavy MCCs. OVO Systems can be used as control panels for OEM, automation cabinets, industrial control panels, distribution boards and motor control centers.

The constructions of the OVO System are type-tested and fulfil all the global requirements.

OVO Switchgears can be installed in the industrial environment in a reliable way. They secure electricity distribution and control for devices and processes even under extreme conditions.

We have years of expertise in delivering OVO Switchgears successfully to our clients in various industries, such as:

  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Power plants
  • Marine and offshore
  • Metal industry
  • Machine building industry
  • Mining industry

The OVO System consists of three product families:

  • OVO Ultra
  • OVO Plus
  • OVO Basic
OVO Care

Cabinet Condition Monitoring System

OVO Care cabinet condition monitoring system can be used with any type of cabinets. Temperature sensors fitted to the cabinet are sending measurement values through COSMOS X10 data collector unit to cloud service. Also a local HMI is available from the unit as well as connectivity to PLC or DCS systems.

From the COSMOS Cloud service the data, trend graphics and reports from COSMOS analysis service can be monitored. Automatic warnings and alarms can be configured also.

The systems can be installed easily to either new or existing cabinets.

Prevent damages! OVO-Care provides an easy, reliable and accurate solution for monitoring your cabinets to prevent losses due to breakdowns and even fire. By monitoring you can also schedule your maintenance optimally – there’s no need to go there before the data tells you so.

OVO Ultra

OVO Plus